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'You are putting your family at risk!’ Covid rule breakers warned as restrictions relaxed


The UK Government’s Minister for Sport and Tourism, Nigel Huddleston issued a passionate plea to the British public during ITV’s Good Morning Britain. The Conservative MP called for patience during the latest phase of the lockdown and warned of the consequences of abusing the easing of some of the coronavirus restrictions.

Mr Huddleston said: “We are relying on people to use their common sense.

“But also accept the fact and recognise that if you are gathering in large numbers, you are putting your family, the very loved ones you are desperate to see, at risk.

“So please do not do anything that you should not do.

“We are slowly easing the lockdown measures and this is part of a process that will ease over the coming months.

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“It is just a matter of time until you can get in even closer proximity to loved ones.

“So please take advantage of the measures we have got in place today but do not abuse them.”

From today, groups of up to 6 people or two households are now able to meet outside.

Outdoor sporting facilities including tennis courts and golf courses can once again be used following the latest easing.

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer explained the reasoning behind letting people meet outdoors.

Chris Whitty said: “The evidence is very clear that outdoor spaces are safer than indoors.

“It is important to remember this as we move into the next phase.”

The next easing of lockdown restrictions will take place on April 12, 2021.


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