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Yellowstone: Will John Dutton die before the series ends?


Yellowstone is a melodrama series on Paramount Network and it follows the Dutton family on their ranch.  The fourth season is in the making and viewers are keen to find out whether John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) is still alive. Some believe his character will die before the series finally comes to an end.

Will John Dutton die before the series ends?

Yellowstone is a popular Western series which follows the Dutton family and their bid to protect their ranch.

They face many threats, including developers and rival landowners who have alternative plans for the ranch.

At the end of season three, some anonymous assassins were sent to target the family.

John Dutton was amongst those who suffered a tragic fate after he was caught up in a drive-by shooting.

While fans are convinced he is still alive, they are uncertain of his fate for the rest of the series.

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John is the figurehead of the family and he values the land his ancestors have protected.

He has faced his fair share of enemies as there are those who wish to convert the land for other uses.

The feud came to a head when John was shot and he was seen badly wounded, holding a phone.

Viewers are hoping he is found on the road by a passer-by, and it could even be one of his ranch hands who finds him.

He is expected to survive the series for a while longer, but fans believe he will die before the story ends.

They have taken to Reddit to discuss the idea, with one user saying: “Not sure about the endgame, but I am sure John will die before the show ends”.

Another added: “I’m fairly sure Taylor Sheridan is going to pull the plug on this show in six, maybe seven seasons, and I’m not sure he could extend it further then that even if he wanted without major cast changes happening.

“I do expect John to die by the end of the series, setting up whoever takes over, and just basically letting the battle play on into an uncertain future.

“Taylor has said the show is a tragedy, and I’m hoping he doesn’t let fan sentiment steer him too far away from that original description.

“IMO, this show shouldn’t have an upbeat, happy ending.”

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The series is known for having many dark elements, so there is a chance John could see his demise.

He is already starting to prepare his children for what will happen when he is gone, suggesting he may not make it until the end.

Viewers are hoping the ultimate ending lives up to the show’s melodrama status.

In another Reddit post, one user said: “They won’t kill off John Dutton until the very last final episode of this show.

“I do think the series will end with his death though. It’s inevitable that once John dies, the ranch will die too.”

Fans may then be left to make up their own minds about what happens to the ranch after his death.

Alternatively, for a more conclusive ending, his death will kickstart plans to pass the ranch on or develop it.

Some viewers have said they would stop watching the series if Costner’s character was to die before the end.

Rkcguitar said: “Without Kevin Costner the show would be done. He’s the top star. Yes, the show has an incredible cast, but if he’s gone, then the viewership will start to go as well.”

Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network


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