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What does Arizona's new abortion law do, what are the exceptions and how does it compare to other states?


Senate Bill 1457 would make it a class 6 felony for a doctor to perform an abortion sought due to conditions like Down syndrome or cystic fibrosis. The House adopted an exemption for cases of severe fetal abnormalities.

PHOENIX – Arizona made national headlines Tuesday when Republican Gov. Doug Ducey signed one of the state’s most restrictive abortion laws in years: Senate Bill 1457, which criminalizes abortions based on certain genetic conditions and extends civil rights to fetuses.

The signing followed months of intense committee hearings, rallies and debates. Proponents insisted the legislation would protect Arizona’s most vulnerable, while opponents deemed the bill unconstitutional and “medically unsound.”

Ducey cited “immeasurable value in every single life” in explaining his signature Tuesday, saying Arizona would “continue to prioritize protecting life in our preborn children.” Within hours, though, reproductive rights advocates were considering taking the state to court.

Here’s a closer look at the law’s journey to passage and its potential impact.


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