Weight loss: Man loses two stone with ‘delicious’ meal plan – ‘feel like myself again!’

The 30-year-old pastry chef decided he wanted to lose weight after realising his unhealthy eating habits were making him lose his passion for food. Despite also being a lover of sports, Roberto “lost all motivation” to do any kind of exercise.

“It wasn’t difficult because the meals were delicious,” he added.

Thanks to his healthy diet and fitness regime, Roberto went from weighing 87.5kg to 73.7kg.

This is equivalent to going from around 14 stone to 12 stone.

Roberto was happy with his weight loss journey as he felt he needed it after piling on the pounds and struggling with his health and fitness over the past two years.

He said: “I felt the need to take on a new challenge in my life.

“I always liked sport but recently for different reasons I was letting myself down.

“I like the way F45 operates. First of all, it is true that community is what makes the difference, the coach makes you feel comfortable and the result is that everyone in the class enjoys the training and the time spent in the gym.”

Roberto explained that before September 2020 he “had lost all motivation to take care of myself and I found that I was mindlessly eating unhealthy foods”.

He added: “My career in the food industry meant that I was constantly taste-testing delicious – calorific – pastries, which caused my weight to creep up.

“I felt that I was beginning to lose my passion for food and ultimately my sense of identity.”

Although Roberto had his ups and downs during the challenge, the final result taught him “the biggest lesson”.

He said: “I learned to never give up as all the hard work was worth it in the end.

“For me, it was not only about looking better, but it was also about feeling better, both physically and mentally.

“I was able to feel like myself again.”

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