Voters told Democrats, 'we've had enough' all across America: Campos-Duffy

Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy applauded the red wave of Republicans who voted in Tuesday’s elections, adding that “last night, something happened that should leave all of us with a new hope” on “Fox News Primetime.”

CAMPOS-DUFFY: “It’s been a tumultuous two years for America, from COVID lockdowns that crippled businesses and shuttered schools, to riots in the streets that led to fear, anger and destroyed livelihoods along the way. How our children are even being taught to hate America now. I don’t know about you, but this is not the America I grew up with. This is not the nation I remember. 

All across America, voters told Democrats, we’ve had enough of your Marxist race-based agenda. In Minneapolis, the people overwhelmingly voted to reject defunding the police. While in deep blue New Jersey, an election earthquake shook the Garden State. Incumbent Phil Murphy might have won the race, but challenger Jack Ciattarelli pushed hard to the finish line, showing that no one saw this coming. But the most resounding repudiation of the left happened in Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin shook the political world and won the Virginia governor’s race. A coalition of parents and neighbors came together to tell Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats no more. The left continue to play the race card because that’s the only thing they know how to do. I guess they must have missed Cuban-American Jason Miyares, who was the first child of an immigrant to be elected attorney general of Virginia and winsome Sears became the first black woman to win statewide elected office in Virginia.” 


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