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Virgin River season 3: Ricky to axe Marines dream as Lizzie drops baby news in new theory


Ricky (played by Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) and Lizzie’s (Sarah Dugdale) unlikely romance has kept Virgin River fans intrigued ever since the latter arrived in the stunning location at the start of season two. Netflix viewers watched as Ricky quickly became enamoured with the teen, although the affection wasn’t exactly replicated from Lizzie’s end from the get-go. But heading into season three, the pair have cemented their relationship and the world looks their oyster, but a new fan theory hints there may not be the happy ending – and there’s plenty of clues to back it up.

The last fans saw of Ricky and Lizzie’s romance prior to Virgin River season three was the two of them trying to get their families onboard with their relationship.

However, this was easier said than done as while Ricky’s grandmother Lydie (Christina Jastrzembska) was understanding, Lizzie’s aunty Connie (Nicola Cavendish) wasn’t quite as receptive.

Reiterating her religious beliefs, Connie protested Ricky and Lizzie should not be engaging in premarital sex, and even warned the youngster to stay away from her niece or face her potentially being shipped back to her parents away from the town.

However, Lydie firmly defended her grandson for his attitude and work ethic by chipping in at Jack’s (Martin Henderson) bar, before revealing Ricky had ambitious dreams of his own.

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“Connie, Ricky is an upstanding young man,” Lydie hit back at her in the season two finale.

She added: “He’s a good student and plans to be a Marine one day.

“He makes sure I take care of my diabetes, works overtime at Jack’s to help me with the bills.

“And frankly, Lizzie is lucky to have him,” Ricky’s grandmother concluded, leaving Lizzie and Ricky feeling optimistic about their future together despite Connie’s protests.

Delving further into their thoughts for the future, they added: “It feels like this’ll be a storyline where this young ambitious kid, wanting to be a medic in the marines will be held back by this girl through a quick pregnancy or something. The arc of this couple makes me nervous.”

And it didn’t take long for other Virgin River fans to back the theory with many seemingly agreeing Ricky’s plans for the future could be taken off the rails.

“Yep, same,” one fan replied. “Lizzie seems like one of those flighty types that will lead him astray. Ricky’s just so inexperienced that he’ll be along for the ride.

“If she didn’t look the way she does, he might not have his head in the clouds as much.” (sic)

Given the pair have already slept together as well, a pregnancy could well be on the cards.

But will it drive a wedge between the two – especially if Connie follows through on her threat to send Lizzie back to her parents in the city?

And even they do make a go at parenthood, surely Ricky’s hopes of joining the Marines will take a back seat.

Fans will have to wait for Virgin River to return to Netflix for season three to find out for sure.

Virgin River seasons 1-2 are available to stream on Netflix now.


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