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Virgin River plot hole: Fans expose huge blunder in key Mel conversation to sister Joey


In the very first season of Virgin River, Netflix viewers are introduced to Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) who has packed her bags to leave the big city on the west coast of the USA to start all over again in a quiet town in the country. Following the death of her ex, Mel felt there was no other escape than to leave the hustle and bustle of city life for a fresh start, leaving behind her sister Joey (Jenny Barnes) and the rest of her family. However, it was clear throughout the debut series Mel’s past wouldn’t leave her that easy, arguably most emphasised in a conversation she had with Joey in episode eight.

However, this particular conversation between the two siblings has left some Virgin River fans scratching their heads over a seeming plot hole in the story.

If fans cast their minds back to the episode in question, titled Into the Light, Mel continued to be haunted by her tumultuous relationship with Mark (Daniel Gillies).

Through a series of harrowing flashbacks and dream sequences, fans discover that the two not only lost a baby but Mark ended up dying shortly afterwards.

As the memories continued to torment Mel, she found herself confined to her bedroom in episode eight of the first season as a storm ravaged through Virgin River at the same time.

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But clearly wanting to make sure her sister was okay, Joey insisted on ringing from her holiday home a few hundred miles away.

“I saw the forecast in Virgin River. It looks really bad,” Joey says when Mel picks up the phone while in bed.

Mel explains the power’s out and everywhere is freezing before Joey reveals she and her husband have gone to San Francisco for the weekend.

Joey finds out that the rest of Virgin River’s residents have sought shelter at Jack’s (Martin Henderson) bar thanks to his generator – although Mel’s personal torment meant she’d rather grieve alone.

Taking to Reddit, user WEugeneSmith explained: “In Virgin River (Northern California) Mel is woken from a bad dream. She wakes in the dark and a wicked thunderstorm and caused a power outage.

“Then her sister, Joey, calls because she is concerned about Mel. She is walking on the beach, in daylight. You might be able to argue that the storm had darkened the sky, but Mel is tucked in bed for the night, and it is pitch-dark when she finally leaves to go to Jack’s bar.

“Even if Joey’s location was not LA, any location to the east would still be in darkness – not to mention that she would still have to be on a coast somewhere.”

And it’s a blunder that certainly confused a number of other fans, with the explanation receiving a number of upvotes and replies.


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