Home News Vincent Jackson's brain will be donated for CTE research

Vincent Jackson's brain will be donated for CTE research


Vincent Jackson’s family has decided to donate his brain to researchers at Boston University in an attempt to learn if the late wide receiver suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, family spokesperson Allison Gorrell confirmed in an email to USA TODAY Sports on Thursday night.

Gorrell had previously told The New York Times that Jackson, who was found dead in a Florida hotel room on Monday morning, “would have wanted to help as many people as possible.” Donating his brain for research is “something his family wanted to do to get answers to some of their questions,” she added to the newspaper.

Boston University’s CTE Center, led by neuropathologist and neurologist Ann McKee, is the country’s preeminent research institution for CTE, a degenerative disease that has been found in the brains of former athletes and military members, among other populations. The disease can only be diagnosed posthumously. 


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