‘Very unusual!’ Jane McDonald shocked by surprising item in cruise holiday cabin

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Jane joined an amazing cruise through India, visiting some well known hotspots as well as a few off the beaten track destinations. She was shocked by one item included in her cabin.

Jane took her cruise on the Ganges Voyager Two, a smaller 56 passenger ship perfectly designed for Indian river cruises.

She was treated to a luxurious suite room onboard and shared that there were a lot of “lovely touches” in the cabin.

Jane was shocked to see a kettle in her cabin, which also came with a variety of tea bags for guests.

She said: “That is very unusual, because cruises don’t usually have kettles in the room.”

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She added:“I’ve noticed on this ship that everyone just leaves their doors open.

“You see everyone’s shoes outside the door because everytime we come back on the ship, they actually clean our shoes for us.”

Jane arrived in Kolkata, saying: “This place is a culture shock, every sense you’ve got it will attack.

“Your eyes, your ears, your nose, but then you see such utter colour and beauty. It is an absolutely fascinating place, this India.”


Jane travelled to Kalna, which is off the normal tourist trail in India, to enjoy an exciting day tour.

She was helped onboard a pedal rickshaw, joking “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have had that pudding last night.”

Jane had travelled to the region in winter so needed a jumper but for most of the year Kalna is “sweltering”.

The cruising expert visited a Hindu temple and joined a tour to find out more about the incredible religious site.

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She said: “There is something quite mysterious about this, respectful about it, and it’s beautiful.”

Jane then went on a shopping trip with the ship’s chef to find some lovely fresh fish at a vibrant market.

She told viewers: “I wish you could smell it here. It smells fresh, it smells sweet and it smells like you want to eat this product.”

Jane had to hurry back to the boat to enjoy a front row seat on deck and admire the Indian countryside.

Jane said: “I’m beginning to feel India now. It was a culture shock, it really was, but you sort of get it after a while.”

That evening, Jane was treated to a special Bengali music night onboard the luxurious voyage.

The small ship only had one restaurant onboard and Jane said: “It’s a mix of Bengali and Western dishes.”

She added: “It’s a lot easier to find your way on a river cruise, because there’s only a few decks.

“This is a completely different experience to an ocean cruise and I love both.”

Jane McDonald: Cruising India is on Channel 5 on Sunday at 5:05pm.

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