Home Tv ‘Utterly corrupt!’ BBC viewers slam ‘biased’ Ian Blackford interview

‘Utterly corrupt!’ BBC viewers slam ‘biased’ Ian Blackford interview


“And I fully expect we will be looking forward to an election campaign in the next few weeks and that discussion about Scotland’s future and the opportunity for people to vote for the SNP, to secure an SNP Government and to look forward to a referendum.”

“You say Mr Blackford there’s some playing politics going on, the Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross in calling for that vote of no confidence, yes she hasn’t given evidence yet,” Walker said. 

“But he said, ‘No evidence she could give will counter the claims of numerous witnesses or refute that her Government ignored the legal advice for months and lost more than £500,000 of taxpayers money in the process.’”

“Yes the problem with that is the narrative that the Conservatives are putting around is not true,” Blackford argued.  


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