Tyson Fury hires bus to pull Jake Paul 'dosser' gag ahead of his fight with brother Tommy

John was then asked whether son Tommy’s fight with the YouTuber will be a close contest, to which he quickly replied: “No chance. If it is a close fight Tommy is retired. If Tommy beats him, and struggles to beat him he’s retired from boxing.

“He’s a YouTuber, he has got to be knocking Jake Paul out. You’ve got a boxer, he’s got to knock him out because he’s a YouTuber, and I’m not wasting my time with people in the gym.

“I haven’t got a lot of time left at 56-years-old, so I’m not going to train someone I’ve got no faith in. I’ve told him, ‘unless you knock him out pal forget me and boxing, I’ll walk away. He’s a YouTuber.”

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