Home Tech Two LSU employees had troubling records. Many ask why they're not fired.

Two LSU employees had troubling records. Many ask why they're not fired.


Two University of Kansas employees lost their jobs this week in connection with sexual misconduct allegations at a campus 800 miles and three states away. Meanwhile, many in Louisiana wonder when they’ll see such accountability from their state’s own flagship university.

Louisiana State University on Friday released a report detailing a years-long, systemic failure to properly report and investigate allegations of sexual misconduct at the school. It has fired no one for their roles in the scandal. 

Instead, it chose to suspend two people.

Verge Ausberry and Miriam Segar, longtime and high-ranking athletic department administrators with extensive, documented histories of skirting the school’s sexual misconduct policies by keeping allegations against athletes in house, were placed on unpaid suspension. 

Both will be back at their jobs by early next month. 

Verge Ausberry, LSU Executive Deputy Athletics Director / Executive Director of External Relations

Meanwhile, Kansas on Monday parted ways with head football coach Les Miles, who during his time at LSU was found to have made sexual advances on female student employees and demanded “blondes with the big boobs” and “pretty girls” to work in his office, according to two internal investigations done at the request of LSU. 

Two days later, Kansas split with its athletic director, Jeff Long, who said he didn’t know about the allegations at LSU when he hired Miles in 2018.


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