Timeline of California teen Kiely Rodni’s disappearance: What we know

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The search for missing California teenager, Kiely Rodni continued on Tuesday, as authorities try to piece together her final moments before she disappeared more than a week ago from a campground party.

Kiely, 16, went missing on Aug. 6 after attending a party near Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California.

She was last seen at 12:30 am with more than 100 people. She had texted her mom that she was heading home, but hasn’t been seen since. Her 2013 Silver Honda CRV has yet to be located.

Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, center, mother of missing 16-year-old Kiely Rodni, listens to law enforcement during a news conference.
Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, center, Kiely’s mother, listens to law enforcement during a news conference.
Paul Kitagaki Jr./The Sacramento Bee via AP

Here’s what we know about her last interactions before she went missing and the ongoing search for her.


Kiely was spotted around six hours before she disappeared at a local business in Truckee, the rural California town near Lake Tahoe where she lived. Authorities did not say what store she was in, but it showed her in a black spaghetti strap bodysuit, green Dickies pants and Black vans.

A few hours later, she headed to the party in Tahoe National Park, driving there in Honda SUV. Then, at around 11:30, she texted her mom and said she would leave the party in about 45 minutes and come home. 

“I told her to be safe and that I loved her. And she said, ‘OK, mom, I love you, too,” her mom Lindsay Rodni Nieman told ABC News.

Kiely Rodni at the beach.
Kiely went missing Aug. 6 after attending a party in Truckee, California.
Placer County Sheriff
Kiely Rodni on a hike.
Kiely texted her mother she was heading home shortly before her phone was turned off.


Kiely was last seen at around 12:30 a.m. early Saturday morning. Her phone pinged near the campground at 12:33 a.m, and then seemingly turned off.

“The ping for the data points was near the water. It’s hard to tell an exact pinpoint,” Capt. Sam Brown said at a press conference Saturday.

“Just because it was last pinged there, that doesn’t mean that’s where the phone stopped pinging,” Brown continued. “There’s lots of reasons why those notifications or data points could be lost.”

But Kiely never came home, and that next day her family reported her missing. Authorities also couldn’t find her Silver Honda CVR with the license plate 8YUR127.

Kiely's SUV.
Kiely drove her Honda SUV with the license plate 8YUR127 to the party.
Placer County Sheriff
Kiely Rodni car.
Authorities have still not located her car.


The search for Kiely began in earnest on Aug 7, as authorities zeroed in on the campground where she disappeared. Despite using helicopters and ground crews, no clues turn up.


The FBI is now involved in the search and crews searched Lake Prosser, but conditions make it difficult.

Brown said the lake reaches 57 feet deep and low visibility leaves crews going “into the water blind.”

Authorities fear Kiely might have been abducted.


The Placer County Sheriff’s Office provides an update that despite hundreds of tips, they have found no evidence of Kiely after her disappearance. So far, the search has logged 4,600 hours from 265 people.

That same day, her boyfriend Jagger Westfall revealed he told his girlfriend to “be safe” right before she disappeared, local media reported.

“OK. Be safe. Don’t like, do anything stupid,” he said to her in a text before she left the party.

Westfall said he sent a follow-up message complaining about his day and Kiely sent her final text to him a few hours later.

“At 10:30 p.m., she responded to what I was saying, and just said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry that you’re going through that’,” Westfall said. “And that was the last time I heard from her.” 

In this image from surveillance video released by the Placer County Sheriff's Office is Kiely Rodni at a local business in Truckee, Calif., on Aug. 5, 2022.
Kiely was spotted around six hours before she disappeared at a local business in Truckee.
Placer County Sheriff’s Office via AP
Kiely Rodni
Authorities fear Kiely might have been abducted.


The Placer County Sheriff’s Office finds footage of Kiely at the party the night she disappeared wearing a pink and white sweatshirt with “Odd Future” — the name of a hip-hop band — emblazoned across it.

It wasn’t clear if Kiely was still wearing the sweatshirt when she went missing, the sheriff’s office said.

An image of the pink sweater Kiely was wearing at the party.
The night of the party, Kiely was wearing a pink and white sweatshirt with “Odd Future.”
Facebook/Placer County Sheriff’s

August 15

Police announce they will scale back the search but Brown says it will still continue.

“We’ve pulled in a ton of resources towards that goal and I think to date we’ve [put] over like 9,000 man hours into searching, which is astronomical,” Brown said. 

Brown said the department will pivot to an investigative mode after scouring the area north of Lake Tahoe from the air, on the ground and underwater for the missing teen.


10 days after Kiely goes missing, authorities still have no indication of where she might be. 

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