Three factors that could decide Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen's thrilling title battle

It just served to prove how little there is between the duo with 12 points separating the pair.

But Hamilton’s been here before, it’s not his first rodeo, and he’s already won seven world titles. Yet it can’t be ignored that at the age of 36, time is starting to turn against him, with the clock ticking down to retirement.

Verstappen, though, is armed with the knowledge he has youth on his side, and despite not winning a title yet, it’s clear he has the tools to become one of the greats of the sport.


Engine concerns have plagued Mercedes for the past few races, with Valtteri Bottas now on his sixth fresh engine change, while Hamilton was forced to take a new one in Turkey.

But Mexico City could prove a new challenge for the British-based German team.

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