The popular breakfast drink that's a 'hard no' in the morning – Dr Michael Mosley

“A study from 2019, carried out by researchers from the Salk Institute in California, found that when men and women, who were overweight with raised blood pressure and raised blood sugars, were asked to fast overnight for 14 hours, they not only lost an average of half a stone over the course of three months,” said doctor Mosley.

“But they also saw significant improvements in their blood pressure and their cholesterol.”

The doctor then mentioned that another small study by Surrey University found that eating a later breakfast and an earlier dinner led to positive improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels after just 10 weeks.

The podcast host also explained that the reason why eating your dinner earlier and your breakfast later could be beneficial is because of our internal body clocks that drive our circadian rhythms.

Eating late at night messes with your internal body clock and can even cause inflammation, the podcast reported.

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