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The Big Day Netflix cast: Who is in the cast of The Big Day?


The Big Day is a new documentary series on Netflix which arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. The six-part series follows young couples on the intimate journey towards marriage. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about who is in the cast of the new series.

Who is in the cast of The Big Day?

Aman Kapur and Divya Khandelwal

A total of 12 weddings are shown in all their glorious splendour, with the episodes having been filmed across 25 cities in India and beyond.

Aman and Divya impressed fans with their 100 percent sustainably created wedding in Bishangarh.

The eco-friendly couple made sure everything was locally sourced, wanting to modernise the traditional celebration.

Tyrone Braganza and Daniel Bauer

Tyrone and Daniel experienced the first same-sex Indian wedding to be aired on Netflix, making the big day all the more poignant.

Daniel is a makeup artist, and he and his partner Tyrone opted for a German church wedding.

Their wedding had fans in tears as it showed how love is more important than convention.

Tyrone is on Instagram and he works for a company called Diversity Solutions.

He shared the trailer for the series with the message: “So happy I said I do and so happy Netflix was there to capture our big day.”

Daniel runs his own makeup academy and is associated with some huge brands. On Instagram, he said: “Sometimes in order to be with your loved one, you need to stand strong against the world. And while that did get stressful at some points, the continuing love we received from both our parents drew @deartyrone and I closer!”

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Aditya Wadhwani and Gayeti Singh

Aditya and Gayeti opted for a modern wedding where different religions were interlinked.

Their wedding was on a smaller scale and was much more of an intimate affair.

Fans have already fallen in love with the series, with one saying on Twitter: “Watching The Big Day on Netflix and omgggg I love big Indian weddings! [sic]”

Another said: “After watching the Big Day on Netflix, I’m already planning my wedding. Husband to be confirmed later.”

The first three episodes have dropped, with the final three due to air later in 2021.

The Big Day is available to stream on Netflix now.


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