Monday, April 12, 2021
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5 new Windows 10 tricks you’ll wish you knew before now

There's nothing like a brand-new computer. It's fast, it's uncluttered, and it's a joy to use.Fast forward a few months, and you're looking...

NYC restaurant windows smashed, police car vandalized by demonstrators, NYPD says

Demonstrators in New York City caused property damage to a local restaurant and vandalized a police car Thursday night, the NYPD said.The department posted...

How to remove hard water spots on car windows

Hard water spots are not only annoying, but also dangerous for drivers.      

Portland police surround, detain rioters caught smashing windows

Portland, Ore., police formed a perimeter and detained about 100 protesters who allegedly smashed windows in the city's northwest Pearl District during a "direct action"...

Portland anti-ICE rioters smash windows, spray-paint businesses; downtown merchants frustrated

Rioters vandalized several buildings in downtown Portland, Ore., on Saturday night in one of the largest protests in weeks, according to reports.Around 150 people...