Men and women's brains really do work differently

It’s often said that men and women’s brains work so differently that one sex is from Venus and the other is from Mars. Well now a new study supports this hypothesis after finding 1,000 genes that are much more active in one

Surgeons successfully transplant two PIG KIDNEYS into a human

Surgeons have successfully transplanted two pig kidneys into a human, marking a ‘significant step’ in the decades-long quest to use animal organs for life-saving transplants.  Jim Parsons, 57, of Huntsville, Alabama, had two kidneys, both procured from a genetically modified pig, transplanted

Plastic pollution is 'a planetary emergency', report warns 

The world’s plastic pollution threat constitutes a ‘planetary emergency’ that’s equal to climate change and biodiversity loss, a new report warns.  The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has urged nations globally to agree to a UN treaty so they’re committed to legally binding

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