‘Stunning’ Italian town offers expats £26,000 to move there – what’s the catch?

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Many Britons dream of swapping the cold British winter for warmer temperatures in winter. A stunning Italian town could be the answer to all their dreams.

Presicce-Acquarica is offering new residents a whopping 30,000 euros (£26,000) to relocate there. The beautiful town has sadly struggled with a declining population which has left a lot of the houses abandoned or in need of repairs.

While new residents will be gifted £26,000 to settle in Pressice-Acquarica, they will need to meet the terms and conditions to do so.

To be eligible, British individuals or families will need to move their official residency to the southern Italian town.

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New residents must also invest their money in a house built before 1991, which will give them the option of around 30 percent of the town’s homes.

The town council will then subsidise the purchase with a grant and residents can also use financial aid to cover renovations up to £26,000.

As the town is also struggling with an ageing population, new residents will also be given a bonus for having a baby. Each baby born in the town will see the parents awarded 1,000 euros (£869), after there were just 60 births to 150 deaths last year.


British expats who choose to make the move will be settling in one of Italy’s most beautiful villages.

Surrounded by countryside, residents will enjoy views of olive groves and will be just a short drive from the Ionian Sea.

The town was nicknamed the ‘city of green gold’, due to the high quality of the olive oil produced there.

A visitor who explored the town’s historic centre wrote on Tripadvisor: “The town is of historical interest and of stunning beauty.”

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The village, in north-western Spain, included a whopping 44 homes, a hotel, a church and a swimming pool.

Salto de Castro is in the province of Zamora, close to the Portuguese border, and has been abandoned for three decades.

It could be the perfect spot for a hotel, which was the original owner’s plans, although they never came to fruition.

British expats will need to apply for residency if they want to settle in Spain as they are classed as non-EU citizens.

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