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Strictly's Katya Jones talks 'challenging' 30th when marriage to Neil was 'going downhill'


Strictly Come Dancing professional Katya Jones, 31, is currently single and said she hasn’t thought about dating as she is “focused” on herself. In 2019, she and husband Neil Jones, 38, split after 12 years together, seven of which they were married, when she was 30.

Reflecting on the year, she said: “It was a challenging time. I didn’t like where I was, it felt like I was in limbo actually.

“My relationship was going downhill. I didn’t feel happy in my own company until May 2020, when I spent my birthday in lockdown.”

The dancer said it was during the pandemic she realised she is her “own soulmate” who can “entertain myself”.

She added: “If someone comes into my life, it will be a bonus, rather than someone who’s filling a gap.”

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On being open to date nowadays, she added to Waggel.co.uk: “This is interesting. I’ve come out of a marriage, not even a long-term relationship, but a marriage.

“Neil and I were together for 12-years, married for seven.

“I haven’t dated or really thought much about it, because I’ve just been with this person for such a long time. Now, I’m single.”

Katya and Neil announced their split days before the Strictly Come Dancing series in 2019.

“We are really good friends,” she revealed.

“He’s been supporting all my projects and I’ve been supporting all his projects, it’s really nice.

“We’re always on FaceTime and stuff so it’s good.”

Earlier this year, Neil revealed he had adopted a new rescue dog, who was picking up tips and tricks from the former couple’s dog Crumble.

He went on to explain the pact he has with his estranged wife when it comes to her seeing their dog.

“With Crumble, if Katya ever wants to see Crumble, that’s no problem whatsoever.

“But I have said to her, if she wants to take Crumble, she has to take Chorizo as well because they’re brother and sister now and I can’t separate them. It’s the way,” he added.

On his friendship with Katya he went on to say: “We’ve been through so much together and have known each other for years, she’s a good friend of mine.

“We will always be friends no matter what.”


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