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State pension: Women urged to see if they can secure 'a better retirement' as gap remains


“Continue in the employer pension scheme while on maternity leave; the employer will often pay the full contribution and scheme members usually lose more than they save by opting out.”

Leaving work

“When leaving a job, don’t forget about the pension,” warned Ms Ingram. “If it is a pension pot, dependent on savings and investment returns, you can usually continue to save and review the funds you are invested in.

“If it is a defined benefit pension, which pays a guaranteed income at retirement, leaving it in the scheme is usually the best option, but do let the scheme know if you change address or your name.”

Full-time carers

“Just because you are not employed or self-employed does not mean retirement saving has to stop. Up to £2,880 per year can be paid in and will be topped up by up to £720 of tax relief, even if not a taxpayer. Savings can be made from as little as £20 per month, and for every £8 saved, £2 is added by HMRC. Include pension savings in the family budget.

“Get credits for state pension by applying for Child Benefit or carers credits, if eligible.

“If under state pension age and looking after family member’s children under age 12, you may be eligible for up to nine years’ state pension credits, which is currently worth £260 per annum of pension for each year claimed. Check out Specified Adult Childcare Credit on the Government website.


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