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Star Trek Discovery: Fans expose 'plot hole' in Michael's future self death plan


The reveal of the identity of the Red Angel was one of the most anticipated moments in the entire season. Fans almost unanimously believed that the time-travelling being was a future version of Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green), and the season two finale seemed to confirm this when it was revealed a bio-neural signal of the Red Angel matches Michael. 

The now-iconic line, “Michael it’s you”, sets off the events of the rest of the episode. 

The Discovery and Section 31 come together to devise a plan to capture the Angel, using Michael as bait.

However, looking back at that episode now, some fans appear to have spotted a glaring mistake with this plan. 

One fan pointed it out on forum moviemistakes, saying: “Michael uses herself as bait to trap her future self, putting her own life in jeopardy with the reasoning that her future self will come back to save her. 

“All well and good, except they have a backup plan with the doctor to resuscitate her if needed, meaning her life isn’t really at risk, or nowhere near as much as might be implied,” they continued. 

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“And her future self would undoubtedly know that having lived through it in the past, so not swoop in to save her. Or even if she did come, would also know it was a trap.”

The theory seems to hold up so far, but other fans pointed out that the Red Angel was ultimately revealed to not be Michael but her mother. 

“As it turns out, The Red Angel that comes to save her is NOT Michael, but her mother, who would not necessarily have known about the backup plan,” replied another fan. 

In the season two finale, Michael, who grew up without her parents, learnt that both her mum and her dad were involved in the ideation of the Red Angel suit. 

The crew closes the wormhole she was travelling through and capture her, revealing her identity. 

A third fan believes that the reveal of the Red Angel being Michael’s mother doesn’t make the original plan to capture her less pointless. 

“That it was her mother doesn’t stop it being a plot hole since they thought The Red Angel was future Michael,” they said. 

“And future Michael would know that present Michael wasn’t really in danger so they weren’t presenting a situation, according to what they believed, that required future Michael to act.”

“It being the mother was a plot twist that created a motivation to act that the present people had no reason to think would exist.

“Basically, unless they presume a split timeline (i.e. this present is a different past than The Red Angel lived through), making a trap for future Michael that present Michael is involved in makes no logical sense.”

Ultimately though, this episode and the plan to put Micheal in danger made for a very exciting moment in the show that neither fans nor the creators believe was ruined by a plot hole. 

Star Trek: Discovery streams on CBS All Access in the US and on Netflix in the UK and internationally.


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