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Snowpiercer season 2: Melanie and Alex team up to take down Mr Wilford as star drops hint


The TNT drama series Snowpiercer is back for its second season on Netflix in the UK. The survivors of the revolution are trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what comes next now that the train’s classes live together. Andre Layton (played Daveed Diggs) is also faced with the return of Mr Wilford (Sean Bean) and the power struggle the two have over the train.   

One of the most emotional reconnections that fans have witnessed over the last few episodes has been that of Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) and her daughter Alex. 

At first Alex was antagonising her mother, and she was still harbouring anger at her for abandoning her as a child to work on Snowpiercer. 

But the last episode, we have seen the two come closer as Melanie prepared to face a suicide mission outside the safety of the train to study the changing climate. 

In a recent interview, Connelly spoke of these new connections her character is creating. 

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“She’s reunited with her daughter and she’s also reunited with Wilford. These are two really interesting and complicated relationships that she now explores,” said the actress. 

“That’s the impetus for her to go further on this journey that she had started in season one, of taking stock of where she’s been and her past, and reconciling that to whatever extent she can, so that she can then, in an authentic way, go forward with her original mission and get back to herself, in some way, and to the more important task at hand,” said the actress. 

While it seems unlikely that Melanie and Wilford will ever see eye to eye, but a reconciliation with her daughter could be possible if she were to survive her mission. 

However, there is still one obstacle holding Alex back from embracing the reunion with her mother – her loyalty to Wilford. 

In her interview with Collider, Connelly said that Wilford’s effects on Alex are devastating for Melanie: “She’s so relieved and overjoyed that she’s alive, but Melanie was under Wilford’s tutelage from a pretty young age, so she knows what kinds of things her own daughter may have experienced and that’s devastating for her,” said the actress. 

“She’s frightened for what she may have experienced, while being so grateful that she is alive and well.”

Wilford on the other hand, she described as a really “delicious bad guy” and a “great adversary”. 

“Part of his danger is his motives, but also the fact that he’s so effective because he’s so damn charming. He’s a great showman and he has incredible support on Snowpiercer, so he’s really able to foment incredible upheaval on the train and, of course, also with Melanie,” said Connelly. 

The actress also said that she likes the new direction her character is going in this season.

“We just scratched the surface with her in season one because she was playing all of these different parts.

“We were just getting to meet a more authentic version of her, by the end of the season, and we go further with that in season two, which was a lot of fun for me,” teased the fans. 

It will definitely be interesting for fans to see how far into Melanie the show will go as the character is still very reserved and holding off on things. 

Snowpiercer season 2 continues Mondays on TNT and the following Tuesday on Netflix.


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