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Snowpiercer season 2: Bennett’s death ‘sealed’ as fans spot worrying Wilford clue


The latest episode of Snowpiercer saw the sadistic Mr. Wilford (played by Sean Bean) embrace his psychosexual fantasies as he tried to win the favour of the train’s rebellious Tailies. With Melanie Griffith (Jennifer Connelly) exploring the outside world, some viewers are concerned Wilford may have set his sights on the next engineer in line.

Snowpiercer fans have tipped the death of train engineer Bennett Knox (Iddo Goldberg) to occur at some point in the second season.

With Melanie exploring the frozen wasteland in search for safe spots, Bennett remains one of the highest-ranking engineers still on board the post-apocalyptic ark.

His relationship with Melanie and his access to some of Snowpiercer’s biggest secrets could put Bennett directly in the deranged CEO’s crosshairs in the coming episodes.

Furthermore, Wilford has demonstrated increasingly sadistic tendencies since his introduction at the start of the second season, proving no one is truly safe while he’s on board.

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One viewer took to Reddit as the fourth episode of season two, ‘A Single Trade’, aired on TNT.

They commented: “I hope I’m wrong about this, but at this point I’m more nervous about Ben surviving the season than Melanie.”

Some viewers are concerned that Hollywood star Jennifer Connelly could make an early departure midway through season two as Melanie volunteered to venture into the outside world.

However, this fan is convinced Wilford has his sights set on Bennett now the chain of command has fallen to him amid Melanie’s departure.

They continued: “Wilford seems particularly fixated on him, and I think the reason he didn’t want him on Big Alice was he didn’t want Alex, Sykes or anyone else on BA thinking of him as a human being.”

Snowpiercer appalled more squeamish viewers this week as Wilford played out some twisted fetishes with Miss Audrey (Lena Hall) to try and regain dominance.

One fan speculated: “‘We got Wilford right where we want him.’ So Audrey did… that… to lure Wilford into a false sense of security? Way to take one for the team!”

Their psychosexual power plays appeared to let Wilford believe he was truly in charge, though Audrey’s ploy to leave him comfortable and vulnerable may have worked in the Tailies’ favour.

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When Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) and the rebels launch their next attack, Wilford may have to resort to drastic measures to sustain his control over the world’s survivors.

This fan isn’t convinced Bennett’s loyalties truly lie with Wilford, so he may be the first on his list of engineers to get rid of when he makes his next move.

They continued: “There are only a handful of engineers capable of keeping the trains running on time, and after Melanie, Ben is the next in line to be disposed of.

“If the only engineers left are the ones loyal to Wilford, he basically wins by default without having to wage a war.”

Season two has already pitted Wilford and Bennett against each other despite the fact they haven’t shared screen time together so far, when Wilford described his train Big Alice as ‘a Ben-free zone’.

Before Wilford faked his death and staged the first rebellion to maintain control, Bennett tells Andre that he used to keep him and Melanie apart in fears they could turn against him.

Now Melanie is out of the picture, Wilford could finally have the perfect opportunity to take out his biggest detractors and regain his iron grip over the Snowpiercer.

Snowpiercer season 2 continues Mondays on TNT and the following Tuesday on Netflix.


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