Sleeping on the job? Casper is now hiring professional snoozers for cash

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Sleeping on the job is now a requirement at this new gig.

Mattress company Casper is looking to hire professional sleepers to test out their products by simply catches some zzzs. 

Candidates will be paid $25 per hour for one month to try out mattresses at local Casper Sleep Shops.

The job also touts the potential to continue work with the brand.

The three applicants who are hired will have the flexibility to sleep and create content from locations that best express their sleep personality, a Casper spokesperson told Fox News Digital on Wednesday.

Sleepers must be willing to sleep in public and in unexpected settings.

They should also have a deep love for deep sleep, the company said.

Candidates should also have the ability to power nap and a desire to sleep as much as possible.

Casper mattress
Mattress company Casper is looking for professional sleepers to test their products.
Candidates will be paid $25.00 an hour.
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When sleepers aren’t snoozing on the clock, their responsibilities include creating short-form videos talking about all things sleep.

Other perks include a pajama dress code — and free Casper products.

The job offering first sprouted from a TikTok video that the brand posted. 

It showed someone sound asleep in a Casper store.

Comments have been flooding in ever since. 

Some considered the act a “dream job,” with many wondering, “How can I apply for this job?”

“Wait, you can get paid to do that?” one user asked.

Prospective sleepers can apply for real by filling out the application at — and creating an optional video cover letter on TikTok.

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