Showers closed on Spanish beaches due to drought in record temperatures

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Britons travelling to Spain this summer should be aware of the sweltering temperatures that have exceeded 40 degrees on several days this month. Low precipitation over a period of time can lead to draught, which the country is currently experiencing.

One of the consequences of the draught is that beach showers are being limited in some parts of the country.

Costa del Sol council chiefs are turning them off in the height of summer.

From tomorrow, Monday August 1, they will be shut in three municipalities – Rincon de la Victoria, Velez-Malaga and Algarrobo.

In Rincon de la Victoria and Velez-Malaga, these will be replaced by foot washes for beachgoers.

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57 beach showers will be affected by the new initiative in Velez-Malaga.

The mayor of Velez-Malaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, made a statement regarding the move.

He said: “It’s not an easy decision to take at the height of summer with our beaches full of locals and visitors and we’re sorry for the inconvenience this can cause.

“But we’re facing a critical situation and any measure that can help to lessen the effects of the drought has to be adopted, starting with local councils setting an example.


Earlier in July Sanxenxo Council near Pontevedra in Galicia – a typically rainy region – announced the closure of its beach foot washes to save on water.

This is due to the extremely hot temperatures and lack of rain which only compounds the issue.

Indeed, this July is set to become Spain’s hottest on record with temperatures of 40 degrees celsius becoming the norm in many parts of the south of Spain.

On Wednesday July 27 it was reported that the city of Cordoba had experienced 17 days so far in July with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees.

What will the effects of the drought be on tourism?

Juanma Moreno, president of the regional Junta de Andalucia government, warned Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez about the severity of the situation in southern Spain.

It was reported that services linked to tourism were among the two main economic sectors affected.

He described the situation as “extremely worrying” and warned it could become dramatic if the dry and hot conditions resume or worsen.

Additional reporting by Gerrard Couzens.

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