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'Shameless grifters' Piers Morgan says UK behind Queen stripping Harry and Meghan titles


Piers Morgan, 55, has taken another swipe at Prince Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle, 39, by arguing that the Queen should strip the couple of their royal titles.

The outspoken Good Morning Britain presenter spoke out after learning the pair have agreed to do a 90-minute tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, 67, next month.

He penned in view of his 7.7 million Twitter followers: “Take away all their titles, Your Majesty. 

“The British people are totally behind you against these shameless grifters.”


Fans took to the comments section of Piers’ post to share their thoughts on the situation.

Some agreed with the journalist, with one person replying: “Bye bye Harry-Has been, you made your choice. Good luck for the future but please leave us alone.”

Another added: “Piers I don’t usually agree with you but on this occasion I do. I’ve never wanted them to lose their titles, but now I do. They really need to go and leave Uk alone. Enough’s enough.”

However, other Twitter users sided with the pregnant Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of Sussex as they weighed in on the debate.

One person commented: “I know you think you speak for the whole country Piers, but you really don’t…”

More to follow…


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