Sex toy or pain relief? Dallas giveaway sparks outrage from some city workers

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A goodie bag giveaway is rubbing some Dallas city workers the wrong way.

The freebie mini massager — part of the city’s wellness initiative promotion — struck the Dallas Fire Fighters’ Association as a straight-up sex toy.

“City of Dallas Wellness initiative for all employees. Vibrators for everyone,” the union scoffed in a tweet Wednesday.

The ruffled union is mulling a formal grievance after getting complaints from some members, union head Jim McDade told the Dallas Morning News.

“It’s very clear what it is and what it’s for, and I don’t think it should be distributed to city employees,” McDade fumed.

Dallas’ Black Police Association got zero complaints about the massager, “just laughs,” the union told the outlet.

The device is emblazoned with the city’s logo and included along with a cooling towel and health and nutrition tips from Dallas’ insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

dallas vibrator
There is an influx of mixed responses on the freebie item.
Dallas Fire Fighters
dalas vibrator
The gift encourages employees to use it during the work day if they’re feeling pain in their neck.
Dallas Fire Fighters
dallas vibrator
The mini-massager is emblazoned with the city’s logo.
Dallas Fire Fighters

“If you’re sitting at your desk working all day and you can’t get away, you use it for massaging your neck or your feet or other parts of your body that might be aching,” Deputy City Manager Kimberly Bizor Tolbert told the outlet.

She was alarmed at any down-and-dirty assumptions.

The goodie bags are part of Dallas’ health and wellness’s initiative that includes paid time off for workers after a traumatic incident — and hiring psychologists for fire department personnel and immediate relatives to deal with work-related stress.

“People have taken this to the extreme, and they need to get their mind out of the gutter,” Tolbert scolded.

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