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Sex Education: Asa Butterfield on what it's like to film graphic scenes 'I was nervous'


Sex Education season 3 is currently being filmed ahead of its return to Netflix. Taking a break from production, Otis Milburn star Asa Butterfield opened up about how he found the show’s subject matter and what he thought about the sex scenes.

Fans of Sex Education on Netflix will know the series has been widely praised for the frank way it deals with sex.

The show’s premise is all about following teenagers growing up and dealing with their hormones.

Part of exploring this means there are several graphic scenes in the series, which attempt to deal with this head-on.

Over two seasons so far, Otis has been involved in a fair few of these as Moordale High’s go-to sex therapist.

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“I think you just have to go with it, you have to trust the team.

“And obviously after the first season, we knew it was a big success and people really resonated with these characters.

“So I had more confidence going into the second season that we can kind of push the boat out a bit further.

“And you’ve just got to laugh at it, you can’t take it too seriously. You’ve got to laugh at the ridiculousness of what you’re doing.”

Butterfield also revealed how important having sex scenes is to the story because it helps get rid of the stigma.

He explained: “I felt like I’ve certainly become more confident in putting myself out there – with nudity or just talking about sex.

“I’ve become more comfortable with it, I think people watching the show hopefully become more comfortable with it.

“That’s the message of it – everyone’s having sex. Well not everyone but once they reach a certain age, people start having sex and it’s normal.


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