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SEISS update: HMRC announces online support for fourth grant claimants – how to apply


SEISS, or the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, is designed to assist self-employed individuals impacted by the pandemic. The scheme was extended as a result of the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, and the fourth grant claim date is fast approaching. Self-employed individuals will be able to claim through the online service from late April 2021.

This is after Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced further support and important phasing in of additional SEISS grants.

However, for some, claiming through SEISS may be a challenging process, or one which they have never undertaken before.

Aware of this, the Government has taken action to provide further support to self-employed individuals through online channels.

This is being achieved through a series of online webinars designed to talk people through the process of receiving SEISS support.

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Details will be shared of how much a person may be entitled to, how to claim the fourth grant, and what happens after a claim.

To apply, all individuals will need to do is share basic information to reserve their place.

This includes first and last name, as well as a contactable e-mail address.

The webinar is free to ensure as many people will be able to access the support they need as possible. 

The Government will provide individuals with a date to make their claim from, and this will be provided either via email, letter, or within the online service.

The fourth grant is intended to cover the period of February 1, 2021 to April 30, 2021.

However, claims must be made on or before June 1, 2021 if self-employed individuals wish to receive support.

There is also to be a fifth SEISS grant, as confirmed by Mr Sunak, which is intended to cover May 2021 to September 2021.

The Government has said further guidance on this final grant for the self-employed will be released in due course.


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