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SEISS grant 4: HMRC issues update – everything you need to know about self-employed help


SEISS formally known as the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme, has provided vital assistance to eligible self-employed people who have seen their income impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The support was first launched back in 2020, however, it was later extended to offer further aid as the pandemic continued. In his Budget this week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed SEISS would be extended to cover a fifth and final grant, as well as revealing some of the details on the fourth grant – which has been greatly anticipated by self-employed individuals.

In order to qualify, a person will need to have filed their Self Assessment tax return for 2019/20 by March 2, 2021.

How much will the fourth SEISS grant be worth?

The SEISS grant will be calculated based on 80 percent of an individual’s average monthly trading profits over a period of three months.

This will be paid out in a single instalment, but will be capped at a total of £7,500.

When will SEISS grants be available to claim?

The fourth grant for SEISS will be available to claim by late April, however the exact date has not yet been confirmed by the Government.

Details about the fifth grant are also expected to be released by the Government in due course.

HMRC will contact those it believes are eligible for the fourth grant, and the self-employed can expect to receive details.

Like previous grants, self-employed people will be given a claim date when they are advised to submit their claim for SEISS support.

All claims, however, must be made by May 31, 2021.

What did Chancellor Rishi Sunak say about the fourth SEISS grant?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed details of both the fourth and the fifth SEISS grants when making his Budget speech earlier this week.

He said: “Support for the self-employed will also continue until September, with a fourth grant covering the period February to April, and a fifth and final grant from May onwards.

“The fourth grant will provide three months of support at 80 percent of average trading profits.

“For the fifth grant, people will continue to receive grants worth three months of average profits with the system open for claims in late July.”

However, Mr Sunak acknowledged there would be a change as the economy reopens in the summer.

People whose turnover has fallen by 30 percent or more will continue to receive the full 80 percent grant.

But for those who have seen their turnover only fall by less than 30 percent will receive a 30 percent grant.


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