Ronnie O'Sullivan health: 'I wouldn't have spoken about it five years ago' – star's battle

Speaking to Rob Moore, Ronnie said he managed to eventually find good people to support him in his career, and added that having good role models is key. “I did not have that,” he said.

The snooker star said that despite seeming to have“everything” such as children and a partner, he would be in certain environments and “would feel so lonely”.He reflected that when his parents used to argue, his Dad might leave the house for a few days.

The snooker player said he did not want to do the same to his children, “but they did” experience the same.“I felt a lot of guilt,” he explained.

“I have had therapy for certain things that I thought I need therapy for,” but said he actually needed therapy for “the guilt that I had left my kids and not been able to be there for them”.

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