Home Business Rishi Sunak shamed as budget excluded slam Chancellor 'you don't get business'

Rishi Sunak shamed as budget excluded slam Chancellor 'you don't get business'


Rishi Sunak announced the furlough scheme would be extended until September to help workers and businesses during the Covid pandemic. But the Chancellor has faced backlash for gaps in the support schemes for directors of limited companies. Martin Lewis questioned the Chancellor on ITV’s The Martin Lewis Money Show.

Mr Lewis asked: “You have repeatedly said you would whatever it took to protect people, businesses and families through this crisis.

“I need to be honest, that particular phrase sticks in the craw of many who were excluded, especially one person operators of limited companies.”

Businessowner Gemma asked: “Why on earth have you excluded limited company directors yet again? We were teetering on the edge and you just threw us overboard.”

Mr Lewis continued: “They’re saying you don’t understand what the word business means. What is it that you’ve got against the limited company directors that they’re completely without support?”

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Mr Sunak replied: “I wouldn’t think it’s fair to say that they’re completely without support. There are so many different things we’ve done.”

Mr Lewis interjected: “Ok, there’s Universal Credit and other small things but they haven’t had the support that other businesses and the self-employed have had.”

The Chancellor continued: “They can be furloughed for their PAYE income.

“Their business may be able to benefit from a bounceback loan and in their personal situation, they may have been able to benefit from a six-month mortgage holiday.

But at a Downing Street press conference, the Chancellor was asked why 40 of the 45 towns were represented by Conservative MPs and if this was a case of “naked pork barrel politics”.

Labour has also urged the Government to publish the metrics used to determine areas for priority for the new “levelling up” fund, after Mr Sunak’s constituency and those of four other Cabinet members were prioritised to bid.

These areas are in priority area one, ahead of authorities in Barnsley, Salford and the Wirral, included in the second tier of priority funding, according to research by Labour.

At the Number 10 briefing, Mr Sunak was asked by the Financial Times to reassure the public that the Government was using fair criteria to assess the eligibility of areas for the grants.


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