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Reverend Richard Coles scolded by church for using ‘bad word’ on Have I Got News For You


The Reverend Richard Coles, 58, has opened up about his concerns ahead of trying his hand at stand-up comedy for Stand Up And Deliver, a new two-part series on Channel 4 in support of Stand Up To Cancer. The former Strictly Come Dancing star admitted he will try to be careful about slipping up and using a “bad word” during his performance.

It comes after he was recently reprimanded by the church for doing just that on Have I Got News For You.

Richard said he could risk disciplinary action for uttering foul language, according to the Clergy Discipline Measure.

Speaking out on the moment he was scolded for his words on the panel show, he said: “I could be done under the terms of the clergy discipline measure. 

“I once let out a bad word on Have I Got News For You. 

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“It comes with the territory, and dark humour is good and cool.

“Also my sister-in-law died of cancer, and Covid, in the middle of all this… so being involved with Stand Up to Cancer is obviously a good thing.”

He added to this week’s Radio Times: “David’s dying was actually full of comedy, which made me and him laugh when he was in a fit state to appreciate what was going on.

“Medics, undertakers and clergy have a black sense of humour, but I’m not sure it’s something for public consumption.”

Richard has been paired with comedian David Baddiel, who is mentoring and training him ahead of a special performance.

Last year, Richard posted a picture of Louise and his late partner Reverend David Coles together in North Africa as he paid tribute to his “lovely” sister-in-law.

He wrote: “My lovely sister in law @lozaamandine died this afternoon with COVID19. 

“She made lots of people very happy, not least @RevDavidColes, with whom she went on extravagant and unauthorised expeditions to her beloved North Africa. RIP, darling woman.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times magazine, out now.


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