Ralf Schumacher picks side as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fight for F1 title

While Verstappen’s aggressive driving has seen him hailed, however, Martin Brundle has called on him to change tactics.

The 24-year-old was handed two penalties in Jeddah as a result of what officials deemed reckless driving.

On lap 37 he crashed into Hamilton, with the Brit then recovering to finish first on the grid.

And Brundle has called on Verstappen to tone things down.

“I believe Max initially made a genuine effort to let Lewis through but when he realised that they were both planning to be second over the impending DRS detection line to gain advantage down the pit straight, and with Lewis now on his rear bumper, he angrily hit the brakes at 69 bar momentarily generating 2.4G deceleration, nearly half that normally generated into a heavy braking zone for a high speed approach to a hairpin, and then pinned the throttle,” he told Sky Sports.

“Hamilton slammed into the back of him, damaging his front wing along with breaking some rear bodywork on the Red Bull and cutting a tyre.

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