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Ralf Little says he's 'here for' Death In Paradise romance between Florence and Neville


Death In Paradise star Ralf Little has revealed that fans of the show are excited about the possibility of a romance on the detective drama. Using a combination of characters Neville and Florence’s names, they have dubbed the duo “Floreville”.

Addressing the nickname online, Ralf told his 258,700 Twitter followers that he was “very much here for it”.

“I’ve noticed some @deathinparadise fans have started referring to a potential romance between Florence and Neville as ‘Floreville’ and I am very much here for it,” he wrote after the episode aired.

Many took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts on the matter.

“Love it, so hope it happens between them,” one social media follower said.

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“Yasssss floreville all the way,”(sic) another agreed.

“But there’s only one episode left of the series so it’s not gonna happen,” a concerned fan chipped in.

“Definitely think a little romance should be on the cards… maybe season 11,” a fourth suggested.

“They would make a lovely couple,” another person commented.

“I need need to nip this feeling in the bud before it goes any further,” Neville added.

The final scenes of the show, which aired ahead of Valentine’s Day, saw the duo wading into the sea for a swim at sunset.

In real life, Ralf is engaged to American screenplay writer Lindsey Ferrentino and is currently in Florida with his partner, following six months of filming on the island of Guadeloupe.

On Valentine’s Day, he revealed that he had rescued a stray puppy while filming series 10 and brought her back to America.


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