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Queen of the South: Why did Ryan O'Nan leave Queen of the South as King George?


Queen of the South fans have been tuning in to the USA Network each week as season five continues to unfold, with plenty of drama. With season five being the final season, viewers were preparing themselves for some major losses. But why did actor Ryan O’Nan leave the series as King George?

Why did Ryan O’Nan leave Queen of the South?

Fans were waiting for something bad to happen to Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga) since she moved her drugs operation to New Orleans. 

In episode six, there was a shocking twist as a fan-favourite character died, leaving Teresa weaker than ever. 

Viewers were predicting that antagonist Boaz (Joseph Thomas Campos) would continue to cause havoc for Teresa and her gang, as he was jealous of what she had built.

Teresa sent King George (O’Nan) to Miami to spy on Boaz, but Boaz was able to manipulate George in the worst way possible.

He was able to set up a fake story about the Haitians and worm his way out of trouble – but sadly George paid the price. 

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Hopefully, before the end of the series Boaz will get his comeuppance, and Teresa should be the one to make him suffer.

Another fan said on Instagram: “Watched last night just had a feeling you were getting killed off. My favorite actor in the series.”

O’Nan has not said anything much about his exit at this moment in time, but the news is still very fresh. 

Hopefully, he will shed some light on his character’s death in the near future. 

Another fan added on Facebook: “Long live King George! Will miss him. Didn’t like him at first but he grew on me! Hope Boaz gets what he deserves, hopeful from both of Pote’s guns.”

Queen of the South airs on USA Network. 


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