Private parking firms likely to 'pursue money' from motorists who ignore tickets

Steve Clark, spokesperson for the British Parking Association said drivers should be appealing parking tickets hours after receiving them if they feel hard done by. He urged drivers to not follow advice encouraging road users to “ignore” parking tickets in the hope it will “go away”.

“My stats tell me one in five private parking tickets are appealed.

“Of the ones that are appealed to the operator, 55 percent are cancelled because the motorist has provided evidence.

“In essence, a ticket is issued with the evidence that is available to the operator at the time.

“When the motorist appeals, there becomes additional evidence the operator wouldn’t be aware of.”

ParkingEye, who runs a series of private car park bays across the UK, also warned drivers should never ignore charges.

They want drivers can be taken to court for unpaid charges if motorists keep ignoring a Parking Charge Notice.

They warn there is “plenty of precedent” to take legal action against drivers and warned ignoring it can “make the situation worse”.

ParkingEye added: “You must either pay or appeal a Parking Charge Notice.

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