Prince Charles necklace: Hidden meaning behind future King's jewellery

Prince Charles is representing the Royal Family at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow this week. After delivering the summit’s opening address on Monday, Charles made another announcement on forests on Tuesday.

What does Charles’ necklace mean?

Charles wore a necklace with a scorpion for his second speech at the COP26 summit this week.

In his speech, Charles said the necklace was given to him when he visited Ecuador.

During his speech, Charles said: “The world needs as a real matter of priority and justice to safeguard and honour the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, who depend on the forest for their lives and livelihoods.” 

“And who are themselves wise and experienced custodians – in fact I’m wearing what |’ve been given earlier when I met them – and this one comes from Ecuador.” 

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