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Piers Morgan savages Prince Harry for LA Corden interview 'doesn’t get more embarrassing'


Prince Harry joined comedian and chat show host James Corden for afternoon tea on top of a double-decker bus tour of Los Angeles last week. British royal commentators have since slammed the light-hearted appearance on the Late Late Show during which Prince Harry discussed his family life, son Archie, and opened up on his projects for the future. Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Monday, Piers Morgan slammed the Duke of Sussex for agreeing to appear on the show, describing the interview as “embarrassing.”

Blasting the Duke on GMB, Mr Morgan said: “Fantastic scoop for James and his team, a whole world talking about it.

“From that point of view great for James Corden and his team.

“For Prince Harry does it get any more embarrassing than this.

“Seriously, then being on an open-top bus in Hollywood after you have banged on about privacy for years on end.”

Susanna interrupted: “No Piers you don’t understand!

“It’s not that they want to be completely 100 per cent private.”

“They only want the publicity!” blasted back Mr Morgan.

“They don’t want to the toxic negativity” replied his GMB co-host.

How can Harry appear on a chat show and make a fool of himself like this.

“This is the silliest royal appearance since Its a Royal Knockout in 1987.

“He talks about serious issues in a ridiculously silly way. Demeaning. Really sad.”

In a second tweet, Mr Fitzwilliams also branded the script of the special episode “puerile” and Harry’s appearance “nauseating to watch”.


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