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Ozark season 4: Ruth star outlines most nerve-wracking scene from series ‘Never wanted to'


For three action-packed and deadly seasons now, Ozark’s Ruth Langmore (played by Julia Garner) has been at the centre of Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde’s (Laura Linney) money laundering enterprise for the Navarro Cartel. However, ahead of season four on Netflix, the young Langmore has finally had enough of the two for the part they played in Ben Davis’s (Tom Pelphrey) death, blasting the husband and wife duo in a foul-mouthed and full-blooded outburst.

And ahead of the fourth and final run, actor Garner has spoken out on how the scenes in which she cut ties with Wendy and Marty once and for all was her most “nerve-wracking” to date.

If fans cast their minds back to the season three finale, the last Ruth saw of the Byrdes was when she furiously confronted the two in their office after discovering the part they played in Ben’s demise. 

The charged scene left no stone unturned, with Wendy scolding Ruth for having Ben released from a psychiatric unit and the Langmore returning the favour with the famous insult: “B***h wolf.”

“First of all, I had so much fun,” Garner said about the scene during a Q&A panel hosted by Deadline.

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The Ozark star continued: “I mean, it was nerve-wracking doing that scene with Laura. 

“I never want to call Laura a ‘b***h wolf’. But I had so much fun doing that, you know.”

Garner then admitted that, while nerve-wracking, the chance to film an altercation with Linney was “fun”.

“We don’t work as often as I would like. So I had so much fun working with Laura on that,” she added.

Garner concluded: “But, you know, she can’t in a way. And that’s really sad. 

“When you have huge regrets in your life and you can’t go back and you can’t take it back because it almost – not to get super dark – but inside, it kills you in a way. 

“So like your body – It’s almost like she feels like she’s physically alive but inside, she’s slowly disappearing in a way and she just wants to be done. 

“But right now she’s kind of stuck. She was stuck starting in season one and then she kind of got unstuck and now she’s stuck. Again.”


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