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Outlander season 6: Is Jamie and Claire's relationship in danger? 'Foundation is shaken'


Outlander fans have followed Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) through many ups and downs over the past five seasons. Although, it now seems more trials are on their way for the time-travelling couple as the series showrunner released some fresh insight into the upcoming season six.

The latest season of Outlander has now begun production with the first details released.

Season six was initially supposed to begin filming last year but was pushed back by the coronavirus pandemic.

Starz has now confirmed it was finally able to begin in February 2021 in a short video looking at some of the sets for the new outing.

The series will pick up after the dramatic end to season five with all of the much-loved protagonists back.

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The latest outing will mainly be based on Diana Gabaldon’s sixth novel, An Echo in the Bone.

Not much else has been revealed so far but a recent interview from Matthew B Roberts suggested there could be trouble on its way for Jamie and Claire.

Speaking to Elle, he said: “I think what’s going on in the world at the time, 1775, is really similar to what’s going on with Jamie and Claire.

“There’s going to be a revolution with them as well, and I think that’s what’s going on throughout the season.

Claire was still reeling from her horrendous attack, which she will likely be dealing with the trauma of for a long time.

While she was pleased to be at home with Jamie and her family, it is not clear how she will be when viewers see her again.

As well as this, with the precarious situation of the American Revolutionary War edging closer, there is a lot for the couple to be dealing with in season six.

However, what exactly this will entail will only be revealed when the series returns to screens.

Roberts also teased how there will still be some surprises on their way, even for fans who have read Gabaldon’s novels.

He explained: “There were a lot of things left in the finale of season five that we still have to tell.

“It wouldn’t make sense to a new viewer, especially with a lot of the new viewers coming on to Outlander.

“We know we had one of our most successful, most-viewed seasons ever in season five, so we know we’re getting new viewers and a lot of them have not read the book.

“Those viewers have to be told the same story and get something from it as well as the book readers who know everything that happened – or think they know everything that’s going to happen.

“Certainly, we keep them on their toes and move things around a little bit so they don’t know exactly when it’s coming.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available on Amazon Prime Video.


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