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Opinion: How many women does it take, NFL, before you take action against Deshaun Watson?


A question for the NFL: How many women accusers does it take before you act against Deshaun Watson?

Saying the allegations are “deeply disturbing” doesn’t count as action. Everyone is “deeply disturbed” by what we’re seeing. Those words have also become so watered down they don’t mean as much as they used to. I’m deeply disturbed when my wireless quits.

But back to the original question. Is there a specific number? Is it five women saying Watson behaved inappropriately? We passed that number long ago. Is it 10? Passed that, too. Fifteen? That’s very March. Twenty? Amazingly, we’ve left that number in the dust as well.

We’re now at 22 women filing lawsuits against Watson, with some of them making various (but similar) accusations of sexual misconduct, including grabbing them, exposing himself, touching them with his genitals, ejaculating on them or forcing them to put their mouths on his genitals.

Deshaun Watson is facing 22 lawsuits from women alleging sexual misconduct.

Even if you believe that half of them are lying, or their lawyer, Tony Buzbee, is a clown orchestrating it all, that still leaves a large number of women accusers. Are they all lying? Every single one of them?

The NFL has mostly been quiet as one of the ugliest stories in recent league history has unfolded before the country. That inaction has to change. That inaction makes it seem like the NFL doesn’t care. While one of the only tools commissioner Roger Goodell could utilize, the exempt list, hasn’t been used in the offseason before, putting Watson on it would send the message the NFL has at least a modicum of interest in the issue.


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