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Olly Murs says he’s in a two-year rehab after leaving 'complicated' injury ‘I regret it’


The Voice UK coach Olly Murs, 36, has spoken out about finally having surgery on his knee following an injury which occured in 2007. The singer said he is still in a two-year rehab following a three-part surgery.  The X Factor star said he wasn’t able to get surgery at the time due to financial reasons, but regrets leaving it so long.

He explained: “I did it in 2007 and I never quite recovered from it and I left it and left it and left it.

“That’s one thing that I regret. I regret not getting it done. But, I wasn’t in the position where I could’ve done it then.”

Speaking to his personal trainer Rob Solly, he went on to say: “I didn’t have the luxury or the finances to do the physio afterwards and to have the personal training you’ve given me and the surgeon to do it.

“I couldn’t have three months off work because I was in recruitment.

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“It had to be done, it took me 14 years to get round to it but I’m delighted I got it done.”

He went on to say: “It was a three-part surgery people think it was just an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) because that’s the easiest thing to say.

“But like you said, there was a transplant in there, and obviously my leg had to be bent in and straightened.”

It was a lot more complicated than people thought.”

But, he said he didn’t dwell on his injury and was looking forward to recovering.

“I was only looking forward,” he explained.

Recalling his two-year plan at the tine, he said: “My life is going to get back, I’m not going to have any pain anymore, I’m going to be able to live a better life.”

He went on to say: “It was a two-year rehab on my knee. I’m not even up to two years yet my two-year mark is in June.

“I’m still in rehab pretty much for my knee, that’s what I wanted, to make sure I had to continue my rehab, I didn’t want to cut any corners.”

Nowadays, Olly said he is the fittest he has ever been and used lockdown to help improve his nutrition and fitness, with the help of his girlfriend Amelia.

He added: “I think being with Amelia has made a massive difference [with his nutrition] but she’s just as picky as me,” he revealed.

“She always looks great, she trains and she just burns it straight away.”


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