NY1 weatherman Erick Adame wants job back as fans support him through nude pics scandal

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Fired NY1 meteorologist Erick Adame wants his job back after going public about the leaked nude photos that cost him his gig — with a source telling The Post Tuesday the ordeal is a case of “revenge porn.”

Adame — who says he was booted from the Spectrum News channel after someone on an adult webcam site sent his naked pictures to his employer — is asking his bosses to look at the wave of support he’s received over the scandal, his rep said.

“Call it crazy, call it naïve, call it far-fetched but Erick would really love his bosses and the decision-makers at Spectrum [News NY1] to look at the overwhelming response on social media and traditional media and see that people really love him and give him another chance,” Adame’s crisis manager, Howard Bragman of firm La Brea Media, told The Post.

“His real dream would be to come back to the job he has always loved for the last decade-and-a-half,” Bragman said.

Erick Adame
Adame lost his job after naked photos of him – taken from webcam videos he made for men – were sent to his work and mom.
Instagram / erickadameontv

The Emmy-nominated weatherman came clean on Instagram Monday about his decade-long secret appearances on an adult webcam website, apologizing and saying he was getting professional help for the “compulsive behavior.”

He said he was fired after naked pictures taken from videos he recorded on a webcam site for men were sent to his employer and his mom.

Adame is seeking a court order to force the site to reveal the identity of the person, noting he intends to sue them but needs their real identity to do so.

“There was no extortion. It was classic revenge porn,” a source close to Adame told The Post on Tuesday.

“Somebody recognized him and thought they would play God and share it with his employer and his family.”

Adame’s post has received thousands of likes since Monday, as well as hundreds of comments, many expressing support for the forecaster.

“If people really want him on the air, write to Spectrum, tweet to Spectrum, hit them up on Instagram and let them know you want Erick back,” Bragman said.

A spokesperson for Charter Communications, the parent company for Spectrum News NY1, declined to comment on whether it would consider rehiring Adame.

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