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'Not frustrated' Matt Hancock hits back at Ben Shepherd 'vaccine uptake is spectacular'


Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisted that he was not frustrated at the countries current state regarding the fight against coronavirus. Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard argued it would be frustrating the growing scepticism towards vaccine due to some countries move to ban the AstraZeneca vaccine. Mr Hancock dismissed this and argued that in the UK the vaccine uptake has been “spectacular”. 

He reiterated the country was still doing well and the Government was being transparent about the vaccine rollout. 

Mr Shephard said: “It is frustrating though isn’t it?

“No matter how hard, as our Government and as a Ministers in charge and experts, you try to allay people’s fears every time there is a change to how the vaccine is delivered or the ages of the people that get the vaccine, it brings into question this question between these blood clots and the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“How much of a blow is this? How frustrated are you about that?”

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Mr Hancock replied: “I am not frustrated because I think this transparency is important.”

More to follow…


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