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Naga Munchetty teases Charlie Stayt over aphrodisiac ‘we might end up liking each other'


Naga Munchetty, 45, has aimed a mischievous jibe at her BBC Breakfast co-star Charlie Stayt, 58, while the duo tried raw oysters together on today’s episode of Saturday Kitchen. Naga pointed out that oysters are believed to be an aphrodisiac, which is a substance that increases sexual desire, sexual pleasure, or sexual behaviour.

However, the journalist teased that tucking into the shellfish could have a similar affect and may make her and Charlie “like each other”, as they are known for their bickering and banter on-air.

Host Matt Tebbutt, 47, revealed that Naga had “demanded” oysters were served to herself and Charlie during their appearance on the BBC show.

He explained to viewers: “You two have got oysters in front of you because this was a demand from Naga.”

“It wasn’t a demand,” Naga insisted, before adding: “It was a polite request because the last time I was on with Yotam [Ottolenghi] I’d never had raw oysters and I was very, very nervous about having them.

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However, Naga quickly clarified what she meant by referencing the aphrodisiac fact.

She replied in reference to Charlie: “No, no, no! 

“We might end up liking each other!

“That might be a step forward eh?” The star quipped.

Naga and Charlie are also loved by BBC Breakfast viewers for their witty back and forth.


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