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Michelle Pfeiffer opens up on why movie bosses found it 'too complicated' to hire her


Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer, 62, says becoming a mother took a hit on her career as movie bosses found it “too complicated” to hire her. She revealed she was offered less roles as a mum as it became a “challenge” for producers to work around her schedule.

The Catwoman star shares two children, Claudia, 28, and John, 26 with her husband David E. Kelley.

In a recent interview, she pointed out how motherhood changed her career: “Before the kids were born, my work was my life – and it was in a good way.

“When they were small, I could just pack them up and bring them with me.

“But then it became, ‘OK, how long will this separate the family unit?’ When they got into school it became even more complicated, because I didn’t want to just take them out of their routine, so I would shoot in the summer and tried to not be away for more than two or three weeks at a time.”

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“There’s that transition time when you’re not the ingenue and you’re not really old enough to be the grandmother – you’re not old enough to play Frances.

“I’m at an age when the parts are getting more interesting again for me.

“I guess the timing of it really worked out, because I don’t feel I missed out on much.”

Despite her return to film making, she admitted she won’t be watching any of her work because they often make her “cringe”.


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