Meghan Markle still 'most influential' royal despite 'always rejecting tradition'

Meghan Markle has been declared more influential than Queen Elizabeth, the world’s second most influential royal. The Duchess of Sussex pulls in triple the combined searches, media mentions and hashtags. Kate Middleton is the third most influential royal and is officially the Instagram Queen.

The research, by creative resource Design Bundles, calculated global Google searches, media mentions and Instagram hashtags for 29 of the most popular royals in the world, to see which one had the biggest influence of all.

Queen Elizabeth is the royal with the second biggest influence, boasting triple the combined Instagram hashtags, Google searches and media mentions than the average.

Despite difficulties that have engulfed the Royal Family in the past few decades, including the painful divorce of her son Prince Charles and his wife Princess Diana, the Queen has remained a steadfast and deeply popular head of state.

She remains loved for the enduring stability and peace of her reign.


A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented exclusively on the findings for

They said: “Meghan Markle has been a trailblazer in the Royal Family ever since it was first reported that she and Prince Harry were dating.

“As a popular American actress with no obvious connection to the UK, speculation about the relationship between herself and Prince Harry reached fever pitch by the time they announced their engagement in 2018.

“Now, the Duchess of Sussex is likely the most talked-about and influential woman in the entire world, as well as in the Royal Family.

“Her recent appearance in a scarlet Carolina Herrera dress at the Salute to Freedom Gala, complete with a leg slit and plunging neckline, allowed her to proclaim her freedom from royal dress code constraints.

“Despite the common view that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are always competing for the top spot as the most famous woman in the Royal Family, it is actually Queen Elizabeth who comes second in the rankings of most influential royal, beating Kate.

“With the second-highest number of Instagram hashtags, Google searches and article mentions combined, the Queen reminds us that her steadfast regal manner, consistent, peaceful rule and firm adherence to tradition often wins in influence over any other factor.

“The Queen is a global style icon herself, creating a popular trend with her habit of wearing exquisitely colour blocked clothes, in bright, stand-out colours, so one can always locate her in a crowd.”

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