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Martin Lewis asks Rishi Sunak if he could 'live on £96 a week' as SSP rates aren't raised


Following on from some tough Universal Credit questions, Martin had the following to say: “Chancellor, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he couldn’t live on £96 a week sick pay. Could you?

The Chancellor tried to focus back onto Universal Credit but Martin continued to push: “But just talking statutory sick pay for a moment, which obviously the amount is very limited, which means people have a choice between not working and therefore not getting any income or going out and risking spreading the pandemic, can you look at statutory sick pay and uplifting it?”

Mr Sunak had the following response: “First of all it’s important to bear in mind the majority of people get more than statutory sick pay from all the surveys and evidence that we have, more than the majority of people their businesses do more than that.

“Remember it is the cost that businesses have to bear, it’s the cost that they pay not the taxpayer.

“It’s important we get that balance right because we ultimately want to keep people in employment, we don’t want to make it so expensive that we don’t create jobs.

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